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Soft Heads Cellulite Massager



8 heads +2 mesh covers, 5 models and 6 levels.

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4 Heads+1 mesh covers,stepless intensity adjustment.

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  • Lisette

    I have had cellulite on my legs forever and was really looking forward to trying this in order to relieve some of the disfiguration it's causing. I've been using it morning and night for a few days and have noticed a slight amount of firming. I didn't think I'd see results so quickly so I'm stoked! I've also been drinking a lot more water trying to detox and flush out my system a little.

  • Lola

    This body massager was so worth it and I highly recommend it if you don’t own one yet. It got multiple heads and modes which is great for different purposes or any parts of the body where muscle relief is much needed. It was easy to use and very straightforward. 5 star rating worth deserved product! Overall, feels so good!!! get yourself one. you will not regret it!

  • Meli

    This is a great massager and cellulite eliminator. I really enjoy the way this massager makes my body look and feel! So very easy to use with so many different attachments and speeds. This massager helps me to relax, relieves tension and eliminates cellulite! What is not to like!!! Everyone in my family loves this massager, I guess we will need another one!

  • Natalia

    This machine works well but you HAVE to be consistent. I massaged only one leg for entire month, daily. I regret not doing both because the difference in skin appearance and cellulite is obvious but I wanted to see if there’s gonna be any difference. Well the difference is noticeable. Orange skin appearance is drastically reduced. It quickly gets boring but keep an eye on a prize, it will be worth it.