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Cordless & Rechargable Cellulite Massager PL-666

Cordless & Rechargable Cellulite Massager PL-666

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1.8 Massage HeadsThis handheld cellulite massager has 8 different massage Heads attachments(1 in machine base and 7 in accessory bag), and also it has 5 models and 6 levels to choose, so you can attach different massage heads plus differents model and different intensity to experience different massage Spa: muscle relaxation, fatigue relief, acupuncture points and deep tissue massage, body sculpting and so on.

2.Cordless & RechargeableThis electric body massager is battery powered and wireless, so you can use it anywhere without the restriction of an outlet, and you wont be annoyed by the messy power cord. Meanwhile this fat massager is lightweight and portable, except at home, you can use it in office, gym, school or even on your business trip, you can enjoy your personal massage anywhere anytime.

3.Full Body MassageThis cellulite massager is powerful, effective and multi functional, you can experience neck massage, shoulder massage, back massage, foot massage, stomach massage, belly massage, abdominal massage, abdomen massage, thighs and butt massage. When you experience massage Spa, meanwhile, you are doing body sculpting exercise, it will be helpful on shaping or slimming if you’re consistent on using it for a long-term period.

4.Fashion Design & Easy to UseThis cellulite massager electric fat remover is fashion and ergonomic design. its easy to grip and easy to use, there are only two buttons to operate, one for ON/OFF and switch models, and another is to adjust intensity. So it’s a perfect gift for man, women, father, mother, Dad, Mom, husband, wife, friends, lovers, seniors and elders.

5.Safe and low noiseThis vibrosculpt fat remover machine is rated 15 minutes running per time(its not broken when it stops after 15 minutes running), its strong, safe and quiet when youre using it. Its also a kind of essential oil partner, meaning you can use this electric massage tool with essential oil to enjoy essential oil massage.

Massage head:

1. Flat/smooth: muscle relaxation, stress relief massage for full body, especially for abdomen and stomach massage.

2. Wavy: acupuncture points and deep tissue massage.

3. Beaded: can be used with essential oil massage as essential oil massage.<br><br> 4.pumice: foot massage or feet exfoliation.

5.Annulus: relieving tension and fatigue of all the body muscles.

6.Multi-finger: effectively relieves muscle tension.

7. Brush head: relaxing massage affects the circulation and further relaxes the muscles which acupuncture points on the body, relieves muscle

8.Petal head: suitable for full body.

9. Mesh cover: prevent hair from being caught in the machine, and protect the hair safely.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

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dimensions: 8.4 in × 3.9 in × 5.1 in

Weight: 2.1lb

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Battery powered and for US standard volatge

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