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Electric Nail Clipper, Nail Trimmer, Automatic, Intelligent & Professional

Electric Nail Clipper, Nail Trimmer, Automatic, Intelligent & Professional

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1.Professional & SafetyThis nail clipper is automatic, electric, and intelligent. And its safe to use. The blade is large, wide and curved design, made of stainless alloy metal hidden in the machine and the principle of its operation is grinding, not cutting. Although it would take you a little longer to handle your fingernails, but it’s safer to use and you don’t need to file your finger nail as you need to do when you use traditional nail cutters or nail scissors.

 2.Suitable for people of all age stagesThis electric nail trimmer is suitable for people of all age stages: baby, kids, adults, men, women, elderly people, seniors and . Also, the people with poor eyesight or arthritic people can trim their finger nails effectively by themselves. And also it’s suitable for you to handle with fake nails, acrylic nails but not for adult’s toenails or thick nails.

 3.Automatic & RechargeableThis electric nail clippers is automatic,battery powered and easy to use. Its rechargeable with a type-C port, for each 30 minutes charging, you can use 6-8 hours. Its a replacement of nail shaver, nail file, nail cutter, nail scissors, nail clippers kit, nail clippers set or manicure kit. There are 2 levels for you to choose, it trims and file your fingernail at the same time.

 4.Low noise and HygienicThis nail clippers machine with debris storage will collect nail fragments automatically when you trim your fingernails, you dont need to worry about your nail debris flying any longer. And this electric nail cutter is low noisy when running. it’s suitable for clip babies’ fingernails and toenails when in sleep, but not for adult’s toenails.

 5.Ergonomic Design & Ideal GiftsThe heart-shaped design makes it very easy to hold when using. And Because its suitable for all age stages, this rotary nail trimmer for people is a perfect gift for seniors, kids, men, women, adults, friends and family members. Your love and care can apparently be recognized in this gift.

     This auto nail clipper is a kind of innovation compared with traditional nail clippers, nail trimmers, nail cutters, nail scissors or nail shavers. it’s totally safe and automatic. You clip, file, trim, smoothen your nail, at the same time. Also, it can collect your nail debris automatically with catcher and magnets. Specifications Name: Electric Nail Clippers

Blade material: Tungsten steel

Power Supply: Type-C port charging  

Voltage: 5V

Size: 3*3*1.2 inch

Package Weight: 6.7oz

Charging Time: 30 minutes

Working Time: 6-8 hours

Package Includes: 1 x Nail clipper  1 x USB charging cable  1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x User manual


1. This nail clipper is designed for fingernails, baby’s finger nails and toenails, but not for adult’s toenails and thick nails  

2. This roto nail clipper is not water proof.

3. Please keep the side with the start up button facing upward during use.


Plastic & Alloy Steel

Shipping & Returns

We ship all US domestic orders within 3-7 business days and you can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition in 30 days


Product dimensions: 3in × 3in × 1.2in

Package dimensions: 5.3in × 3.8in × 1.5in

Weight: 6.7OZ

Care Instructions

Battery powered

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  • Intelligent & Automatic

    We rethink the nail clippers,combination of sophisticated cutting tools and intelligent gearbox can change the technology of manicure, hand protection and create a new shape of nail clippers.

  • Clean, Comfortable and Efficient

    Finish trimming mill at one time. Edge CNC cutting tools, clean and fast. Golden 45 degree angle, 0.01mm precision degree.

  • Fully Charged One Time, 60 Times of Using

    It takes only 30 minutes to be fully charged and outputs a strong cutting force for 10 hours, it has a standby time of up to 80 days after fully charged.

  • Big performance over small size

    We have made this perfect product with 60 parts, and It has received the repeated test for 25 years and has proved an extreme performance in a limited space.

  • Quite when running

    This electric nail clipper is applied double-sided bearing damping technology, and it can effectively suppressing noise. The volume is less than 50db, so you can trim babies' nails while they are in asleep.

  • 100% Safe

    The blade of this nail clipper is designed hidden in the machine and when you use this professional nail clippers, you don't need to worry about cutting your fingers by accident.